How to Reduce Frustration in Language Learning

Language learning can be extremely rewarding, but that doesn’t mean the process is free from hardship. Almost every language learner feels frustrated at some point in the process. In this blog, I’ll share why language learning feels frustrating and what you can do to reduce frustration in language learning. Want to listen to my tips […]

How to Become Confident in a New Language

If you’re struggling to feel confident in a new language, you’re not alone. Despite what some apps or products may tell you, learning a language is about building your confidence just as much as it is acquiring new vocabulary, understanding grammar points, and developing your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. After starting my language […]

Language Learning Strategies for Busy Students

A translation theory textbook is open in front of a window. Next to it is an iced matcha latte and a pile of post-it notes.

Finding the time and energy to self-study a language can be a challenge, especially when you’re also in school! Here’s how you can make simultaneous progress in your target language and your studies.